Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tofu Primavera

Last night, my air conditioning was on the fritz and the temp outside was a balmy 96 degrees. My friend Ally invited us over for dinner--she was making a shrimp pasta dish, so I said I'd whip up a tofu sauce... I cubed tofu, and sautéed in olive oil, until it started to brown, then I added mushrooms and some herbs to season. I tossed in a handful of flower, and let the flour brown a little, and then de-glazed with soy milk to make a béchamel sauce. I added frozen peas, cracked pepper, a little salt and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. It was a great topping for the pasta--we served steamed asparagus on the side. I don't have a picture because I was at the neighbors, but even though I thought I had made a lot, it was devoured by the omnivores in the house.


kerri bowers said...

Just found your blog by browsing for local veggies...thanks for the recipes and for taking the time to share your talents. I will be trying some and will report back, please keep posting!

kerri bowers said...

(I replied to you on my blog, but this is probably the proper method of responding...)

Here is what I found while researching (plus the links on my post):

These efforts seem to be based in the area, but I will keep searching for international/global efforts.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am eager to read about what is cooking next on your end!

kerri bowers said...

Hello again. Have you ever visited Sticky Fingers in Adams Morgan? Great vegan baked goods and I highly recommend sticky buns and a cup o' joe! Any more vegan baking recipes or advice?