Saturday, May 27, 2006

Robot Boulanger

That's what my bread machine is called in French--I know this because the instruction manual is bi-lingual. I much prefer to call it Robot Boulanger (or Robot B-pronounced "RowBow Bay", for short. I really like the idea of a robot making my bread.

At any rate, in the middle of a thunderstorm last night, James and Selma decided we needed more bread. (This is the main drawback of homemade bread--you eat more of it. Lots. More.) So they loaded up the machine--I lobbied and won for an experiment making vegan buttermilk wheat--we substituted soy milk mixed with lemon-juice for the buttermilk. But I didn't have high hopes--I personally would never bake in a thunderstorm--barametric pressure definitely effects the way things rise. But Robot B. defies convention--he produced a beautiful loaf that is now almost gone. (less than twelve hours after it was made.)

OK, I didn't take a picture, because really, this loaf looks just like the last one--but it really does taste like a buttermlk loaf as I remember it--the crust is awesome, almost baguette-like, and inside the bread is nice and chewy and a little bit denser than a regular white or wheat loaf with smaller holes. This would make great sandwich bread if we'd stop eating it right off the loaf.

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1 comment:

Dori said...

Love the name of your bread machine. I think I shall use my robot b.... well we'll have to take this one at my phonetic pace, I shall have Robert make me some bread today.

Glad yours turned out well.
The tofu sauce above sounds amazing. We haven't had any really hot days in Iowa yet.