Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Nice Surprise!

After an afternoon with a dozen crazy 6-8 year-old crocheters, I came home and was surprised to see James was already here... He'd picked up the baby from my neighbor's and they were wrestling on the bed. I threw myself down, exhausted... "I don't want to make dinner!"

"Do you want me to make it?" He asked... Awesome. James (who's not vegetarian but happily eats that way at home) made Emfudeky (phonetic spelling), It's a Syrian family recipe, which is basically a clean out the fridge stir-fry. We eat it with toast. Yum.

I rarely, if ever, post off-topic, but I got this e-mail from my brother today, and I just had to share:

I created this ad for the 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Enjoy.

More on this campaign and its subversion.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these ads. Do you think Chevy had no idea this would happen? I guess some ads have already been censored. I wonder how long John's will stay....


Harmonia said...

I wish I knew how to knit or crochet...don't have the patience.


I haven't had time to read the new purchase yet! Maybe tonight!!! I might go to the library again next week!

I am thinking of trying to do a veg potluck...but I don't know any other vegs in my area! And there isn't one on Veg meetup online either! ACK!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Where do you live, Harmonia? Even when I lived in rural North Carolina I was able to find other vegetarians...

Mindy T. said...

Hi Amy: I'm so glad you visited my blog, so I could find yours.

I used to be very much into fiber arts (mostly embroidery and patchwork) but it fell by the wayside a few years ago. You and Fiber (did you find my blog via 28cooks?)just might inspire me to pick up the needle again!

And I humbly hope that my blog and my books might help you stay inspired about veg cooking.

Interesting to hear about your husband's "everything-in-the-fridge" stir-fry. My mom used to make these sorts of dishes frequently. She called them "slumgullion" and I was planning to blog about it today because I made one yesterday. Don't ya just love synchronicity?

Best of everything to you!

Dori said...

Interesting ad your brother made! Unfortunately not a reality some people want to think about :(
Thanks for sharing this.

I have never made your frig concoction before... although I have done this to make soup several times.

I used to crochet when my kids were younger, I still make my own dish rags. My older sis still does... she can make a whole afghan in one long lazy day!