Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Off the wagon already!!

I was teaching tonight, and was out driving the mom wagon until 5:30, so cooking was sort of out of the question... I should have planned ahead earlier in the day, but lacked inspiration--I gotta be reading these great vegan blogs you all have more! We had frozen pesto pizza with tomatoes and broccoli (yum) and the new Muir Glen canned organic split pea soup--too salty, but pretty nice flavor--not so great texture. It made me want to make my own pea soup!

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Dori said...

I find canned soups make me crave my own much more. You aske dyesterday about ideas for dinner, perhaps the family might complain if you try split pea soup twice, but here's a link to a unique version of it that I happen to like alot.

Or another idea, to help get you back "on the wagon" ;-)
What I'm having for lunch today ...
Frozen/ thawed tofu slices marinating in brown burger style marinade ready to pan fry with bagged frozen stir fry veggies.