Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Not Posting, But Still Eating...

I've haven't had much computer time the last few days--no babysitter and lots of knitting to do. On Monday night, I was looking through The Garden of Vegan for some inspiration and I came across a peanut butter noodle recipe. I didn't want noodles, but the sauce sounded good... I fried some tofu with sesame seeds, made my own version of the peanut sauce which included peanut butter, soy sauce, vegan worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and some hot water. The sauce coated 1 lb of tofu and 1 lb. of broccoli nicely. I also made my Rice Balls but didn't have time to make the simmered sauce, so I just mixed soy sauce and agave for a sort of teriyaki sauce.


It was delicious--but for the three of us, we had less than 1/2 cup of the broccoli and tofu left--there were a few rice balls left over which were great cold the next day.

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1 comment:

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

This looks really good! - my type of meal. I had peanut sauce and tofu last night myself : )
I've been going the noodle route but opted for brown rice instead.