Thursday, April 13, 2006

I should have taken a picture

I'm staying with my friend Cynthia in Seattle--last night she made homemade avocado sushi, it was delicious! (And beautifully presented) Her sushi rice is just great--she uses rice vinegar and a little sugar. To go with the sushi, we had edamame, vegan spring rolls and pot stickers.

On my first night here, I was staying with my friends Hans and Steph, and we got take out from one of the best Thai restaurants I've ever eaten at which just happens to be right here in hip, happenin' West Seattle. I ordered Rama Tofu and Phad See Ew (minus the egg, extra tofu). It was just as I remembered. Yum.

They have the best potatoes here in Washington State. I miss having great vegetables year-round now that I'm in Maryland. I was picking some things up from Hans and Steph's house last night, and they were just finishing dinner. Hans wanted me to taste the fingerlings that he had cooked in olive oil and rosemary--they just melt in your mouth. They're tiny and good. I don't think he even par-boiled them.

Tonight Cynthia and I are making our very favorite peanut curry, so stay tuned!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Enjoy Seattle - I agree about the potatoes. I think that about all produce in the Northwest, I never knew it could be so fresh and excellent.

Dori said...

The thai restaurant looks appealing. I have not tried much food with this cuisine, but I see a lot of food bloggers do. Someday I'll muster up the courage.