Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Online Farmers Market

Takoma Park, where I live, has a lovely little farmers market that runs year-round. It's a big community event, very social and fun. Unfortunately, most of the produce is not organic. When I talk to the growers about this, they claim that it's just too hard, or that they were organic, but that the certification is too expensive to maintain. Coming from Seattle, where organic is more the norm than the exception, I was disappointed.

But today, I found out about Star Hollow Farm. They are a local organic grower who sells at a DC farmers market. In order to help their business sell year-round, they instituted a web site where they take orders for produce which they deliver to a few areas around DC (including Takoma!) on Saturday mornings. Unlike a CSA there is no commitment. Also unlike a CSA, you're not getting a share in one farm only. Star Hollow Farms also sells produce from other local growers and the cooperative they belong to in order to increase the breadth of their offerings. (Of course, this makes the more like a grocery-store, but still they have personal connections to all the growers they buy from.)

I'm eager to try it. They have a low minimum (just $12.50), and the prices seem to be similar to what I'd get at our co-op grocery store. And it seems that they do bring you at least one step closer to your food...

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Harmonia said...

Do they ship? That would ROCK!


Have a great day!

Melody said...

What a great find! I wish I could find something like that in my neck of the woods.

You know, the FDA totally changed organic standards within the past 3 years.. and many farms that qualified for organic standards could not buy in.. it is basically a corporate takeover funded by this Bush administration... it has nothing to do with quality... which is why you now see all the new organic corporate food products in supermarkets.. like Ragu Organics, etc..

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Melody--I've been thinking a lot about the "corporate organics" lately--and I'd like to know more about them--how, where they source their ingredients--how stringent is USDA organic v. other certifications--how can we be sure that "Safeway Organics" are really natural. I certainly love the idea of low-priced easily available organic food, but if it's not sustainable, then what's the poin?

KleoPatra said...

Interesting. I wonder if we have that where i am!