Monday, July 17, 2006

Tempeh and Wild Rice Salad

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I came up with this salad when I was working for a healthfood store in North Carolina. The store's owner had a recipe for chicken salad that she had gotten off of a container of dried apricots, and she asked me to "veganize" it. It's been a family hit ever since--it has tempeh, mayo, wild rice, dried apricots, parsley and some yummy seasoning.

I made it this year on the Fourth of July, not realizing that I had also made it last Forth of July... not sure why it came to me as an "Independence Day" dish, but perhaps it will be a tradition.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New Picnic Table

New Picnic Table
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I've been wanting a picnic table for a long time--growing up, my family had a big side porch and we often ate outside. I missed that--but I really wanted a table with separate, not attached benches. These are almost impossible to find. Finally, this summer we found a kit at Target for a table and benches, where they provide the legs, and you add the 2x4s to make the table any size you want. It's hard to see the scale here, but for my birthday, James built me a very. big. table. It's actually eight feet long. He stained it a curry color, which is really beautiful. now we're out there all the time, and we can fit tons of food and lots of people around it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Veg News August Issue

A bit of shameless self-promotion... My current issue of VegNews just arrived and contains an article by yours truly. It's a profile about The Gentle Barn--an animal sanctuary in southern california. I loved writing this article because Ellie, who runs The Gentle Barn has such a great story.

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