Thursday, August 04, 2005

Camp Cooking

We're staying at my family's cottage in the north woods of Wisconsin, and since it's our first night here, we had to make dinner using only what we had brought along or what we could find in the cupboards.

My mom decided to make salmon patties with a can of wild alaskan salmon she found. We had eggs some leftover corn and salad ingredients. I had brought up a box of shelf-stable silken tofu, so I decided to make tofu patties--we'd use most of the same ingredients. Mom made a corn relish (corn, onion, green pepper, cumin, coriander) as a side dish, and I put some of it in the with the tofu--we also used dehydrated onion, some chopped celery and I added turmeric a 1/4 t. of baking powder to mine. We didn't have any flour we crushed some crackers and added them to the "dough."

It was delicious, quick and easy (especially since Mom did most of the chopping!)


tandyprehiem5993 said...
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Harmonia said...

I am always interested in veg camping food! It's almost that time of year again....I can't wait!